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UX UI Design- 2019

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I had a start-up client reach out to me last year about creating an Esports gaming IOS app. The idea was simple: Wager money on your skills with another player and challenge them online in an esport (NFL, NHL, MLB, APEX, FORTNITE). If you win, you get to keep what was wagered. You also can join tournaments and win prize pools. Some are free others you have to pay to join. 

My role was to work with the founders of the start-up and talk through the flows they needed. 



The founders were looking for something modern, sleek, sexy, and edgy. Their competitors were Play One Up and Players Lounge. ​The goal was to become unanimous with esports. For the sake of time, the founders wanted to use a template and have me heavily modify it to match their needs. Below is the final product consisted of Onboarding, Dashboard, Notifications, and Profile, Settings, More (Privacy Policy and Terms of Services), and a new section that wasn't in the template (Transactions). 


The Onboarding experience was fairly simple. The app would have a Signup, System selection for eligible gaming platforms, gamers tag, and a selection of games played. The idea was to go with a dark theme which gave an overall luxurious feel. The Color Red was used as the primary color at the client's request. 

Onboard 1.png
SignUp-Gamertag empty-04.jpg
SignUp-Select Game-07.1.png
SignUp-Select Game-07.png


The Dashboard had to showcase several things. Featured Games, Top Gamers, and GamerTag. Once tapped on a game title you're taken to that game's landing page with matchmaking, tournaments, and daily challenge. A user can tap on available matches to be paired up with a player or they can create their own match. A user can also participate in a tournament by a week in sync with the sports that are live. Players would play head to head in a bracket type matchmaking. Lastly, are daily challenges. Challenges can range for small cash prizes to massive cash prizes based on the challenge that needs to be completed. This is also set up in a tournament-style setup. 


Profile and notifications are straight forward and follow best practices in UX. The profile page model follows the Instagram model of "Follow, Following, Unfollow". A user can set up notifications and toggle on/off want they want to be notified about. 


A user would come into settings to change their profile picture and or language preference. More would allow users to view secondary features such as privacy policy, terms of service, Career information, FAQs, Press Releases, and rules for games.


The founders wanted to make sure we had a transaction flow. I had the idea of creating a wallet to store all your money in (Like the PlayStation store) which would allow you to wager money on a game. You can load up your wallet from your bank account and withdraw your winnings if you met a minimum of $20. 

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