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UI UX Product Design-2015


Jibe Inc., is a recognized leader in candidate experience software. Jibe is a SaaS solution which enables recruiters to connect with exact candidates to enjoy a consumer user experience, every time they interact with a brand, it creates a larger pipeline of qualified candidates and jobs that get filled quicker. Along with this service Jibe also provides analytics, visualize recruiting data from your career site, and other recruitment marketing tools. The entire platform is built responsively, which means candidates and recruiters can use Jibe from any device.


Below you'll find a series of wireframes and designs for a project I worked on for Jibe. Jibe had only a handful of front end API career pages that were branded on the front end for various fortune 500 companies. However, the more we sold our product, the more career pages started to blend together and look the same. The solution we came up with was to come up with a template library that can be used in a CMS site builder for the clients. The client has the ability to customize each section in widgets and have candidates still apply through our system.  

The Problem

Solve for customization. Our platform had limited design choices for our clients.

Eventually, all designs were saturated with the same look and feel.

Approaching a Problem

We spoke with various stakeholder to identify their audience. When we figured out who we were designing for, we created several Personas which helped guide the designs to creature our landing page templates. We customized each content slab/strip to each personas within the templates.


The challenges we faced were coming out with a unique way to brand our template with on-trend design for each client. Our end goal was to find a "turn key" solution for our designs. Balance was our base line between quality (of User Experience) that was widely applicable while simultaneously having options for customization that allow the brands to express themselves differently. We wanted to distinguish between enterprise clients and mid-market clients.

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