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UX UI Product Design- 2016

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Being a heavy user of Pandora I felt the User Experience was somewhat dated as well as the design of the site. The user Experience was bland at best. I wanted to focus on the music as well as keeping ad placements in mind for revenue. Starting with the header- I wanted to have the area be clean and focused on search as well as some placements for advertisements. Since the site is about music and what you're listening to, I focused on Album,, Tracks, Cover Art, and what recently played. CTA for adding to favorite, sharing, and purchasing were added to indicate the user actions of sharing, liking or purchasing. The controls of the music are big and centered. The user also has the ability to see other tracks on that particular album. They can than click another track and start a station from that selection or choose to like or dislike.

Pandora Redesign by Michael Lemma


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