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PricewaterhouseCoopers TICKETING SYSTEM

UX Design- 2020

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PwC’s professional services, including audit and assurance, tax and consulting, cover such areas as cybersecurity and privacy, human resources, deals, and forensics. They help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities across these industries.


My role was to redesign their back end ticketing system. I worked directing with the head of their ticketing team. I flew down south to one of their offices. and did a working wireframe design session with them for three days. It was myself and two developers. 

The Problem

Service Now is a backend platform that allows PWC employees to submit integration requests related to managing the critical function of granting or denying access to a company’s equipment and data. Strong, effective access management enables the access of authorized workers while restricting the access of outsiders or unauthorized employees.


The problem was the form was long, and confusing. Sections weren't allocated to the correct area and the ticketing system didn't have a dashboard to be referred to. It was a 90s style design with no critical design thinking behind it. The manager wanted me to clean it up and make an MVP that consisted of several things:

Dashboard for a user and admin

Alert Setup

Table to house all data entry points and have the ability, to copy, edit, paste, and delete.

Export CSV


I worked closely with the manager and whiteboard some design with him to flush our a low-fi wireframe. The original idea was to have a wizard flow, but as we discussed it further a dashboard experience was the better option.

Here is a click-through prototype of the wireframe and some screenshots below. 


During our original design process, we tested our prototype and found among the users they were looking for more of a dashboard experience. They want to see all the tickets in front of them that they've filled out to either clone or view them if they need to refer it.  

Here is a click-through of the final design prototype .

We user-tested this prototype with 25 people. The feedback was very positive. Some small tweaks were made along the way, but we made an MVP design. 

From a brand perspective, I went to PWC's website and had to download their branding guidelines. I had to follow a specific format from their guidelines. Once the designs were finalized I had to submit to their branding them to get approval. If there was anything wrong, they would call out what needs to change and how. 

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